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10 Ways To Maximise Your Direct Mail

Direct mail is in the middle of an ‘Indian Summer’ of sorts, once the go-to marketing tactic, it was cast aside with disdain only to slowly creep back into the marketers toolkit once more. The increase in popularity of something small called the ‘internet’ and the backlash to junk mail meant marketers started using different methods of engaging with their audience. As the popularity of direct mail grew so too did the print and fulfillment prices. Online marketing took over in a big way (and is certainly still awesome) meaning a reduction in physical junk mail. Now with print competition at an all time high and fulfillment prices at an all time low, the good old fashioned direct mail message is en vogue again. We’ve looked at 10 ways to maximise your direct mail.

82% of direct mail is opened (Source: CMS)

  1. Cracking Call to Action – You want the reader to respond, the best way is to direct them to your website. We would suggest a separate ‘squeeze page’ that relates specifically to the offer you have sent them.





  1. Split test – Testing is a vital part of finding the correct direct mail solution for you. When you create a large campaign it is always best to do a split test. This means doing two or sometimes three variations of the communication to establish what triggers response. You can split test a range of elements in your campaign, including:

  1. Offer – You could try testing two different offers to see which has the best response.

  2. Copy – You may want to test two different styles of copy (e.g. one story based, one fact based).

  3. The Headline – A simple tweak to the headline could be all it takes.

  4. The Price – Try testing the price of your offering, varying it slightly.

  5. Type of Direct Mail – Test postcards against letters, CDs V brochures, etc.

    NB. Only test one element at a time. 


  1. Personalisation – Where possible always make the communication personal by adding the persons name, either to the headline or the introductory paragraph.


  1. Use Testimonials – The words of your clients and ambassadors adds weight to your offer and vital credibility. 


  1. A Post-It Note – A clever way of making your marketing stand out is by adding a ‘Post-It’ note. This gives the impression of personal interaction. You can have these created to look like personalised messages. A simple message, for example, ‘This came up and I thought of you’.


  1. Tell a Story – Customers want to buy into your product and so tell a story that they can relate to.


  1. Use Benefits-Led Copy – Focus on the benefits of your product or service to the consumer, not the features it has.


  1. Differentiate your Envelope – Solid, bright colours are highly effective at drawing attention, adding intriguing and personal text also works well. Couple that with an oddly shaped item in the package the curiosity will be too much for most.


This cat video made us smile (no idea why our blogs seem to be so cat heavy this month!): 



  1. Incentives – If you have the budget, be creative. Send a quirky gift or a useful gadget. One of our mentors, Chris Daffy, shares the story of the time a company was ‘kind enough to send the whole packet of Rolo’s, not just the last one’. Be creative, stories like this build brand awareness.


  1. Follow Up – It is essential that any piece of direct mail is one part of a full marketing campaign. If you think, on average it will take 7 points of contact with a potential client before full engagement, then use this as point 1. Plan for points 2, 3, 4, etc.



Next month we will look at ways you can maximise your email marketing. If you found this interesting or wanted to have a chat about your direct mail ideas, send us a message  here.




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