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Email Marketing

Selling Out an Event through Email Marketing


In America, Lou Carbone is recognised as the ‘Godfather of Customer Experience Management’, when he wanted to come over to the UK for a live event, he reached out to Opus 4 for support. We needed to sell tickets purely through email marketing as the budget did not stretch to social or online advertising.


We delivered an email marketing strategy that involved seven cleverly worded, highly engaging emails. We organised the databases that were provided to us and targeted the messaging based on the types of services our audiences provided (all B2B customers). We used limited time offer hooks, free download material and credibility marketing in order to sell as many tickets for the event as possible.

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The event was a sell out (250 tickets) and a great success. Due to the impression we made on Lou and his Experience Engineering team, we have moved on to develop their website and build an online product that sells across America to organisations such as the Mayo Clinic.

  • 7 Email Marketing Strategy
  • Sell Out Event
  • 1000+ ROI
  • Long standing relationship

Opus 4 has sent out over 1 million emails for clients and generated incredible returns from this hugely underrated marketing strategy.

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