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Delivering a Film that Represents the Tranquillity and Lifestyle of a Boutique Holiday Park


Heathergate Holiday Park in Hexham, Northumberland, is a quiet boutique park. They have recently added 40 new plots for luxury lodges and so wanted to attract new, high-end buyers. We wanted to showcase the new development, the local area and the quality of living using the correct tone and atmosphere.


After scoping out the park and meeting s with key stakeholders, we developed as storyboard. One of the key challenges was to represent the park as it was still being developed and filming it during a global pandemic. We opted for a journey style approach, focusing on a subtle, understated ‘day in the life’. This played to the tranquil oasis and the reputation of the market town, Hexham. We produced a 90 second video which we have edited down for social use as well. We used the full breadth of our extensive video equipment, including drone, 4k cameras, wide lens and slider.

Opus 4 Marketing to make you smile


The video campaign directly contributed to a record year in sales at the park, with several large luxury lodges sold (including the two featured in the video). The video itself has already been viewed over 20k times and continues to be an integral part of the marketing for the site. Heathergate is currently developing new facilities and so a follow up video is in the pipeline.

  • 90 Second Commercial Promo
  • Over 20k views
  • Record Engagement
  • 10:1 return on investment

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