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Turning an Acclaimed 12 Day Programme into an Easily Digestible Online Program


The late great Chris Daffy was one of the UKs leading customer service excellence experts. Delivering his incredible 12 day in-person training course to the likes of the Dorchester Group, Lexus, Saint Gobain and Airbus. Chris was a pioneer, author and true inspiration with results to back it up. A few years before he sadly passed away, we partnered to turn the teachings of his intense 12 day programme (which was great value but expensive), in to an easily digestible, entertaining and engaging online digital program.


Together we wanted to create a program that team leaders could run through with their teams, building the knowledge and understanding of customer loyalty. We designed the program with Chris, created an identity, and filmed him. Once he had edited the videos and worked with Chris’ son and business partner, Simon Daffy, to develop the concept further, we built the website and backend support system. We are proud that this has become a legacy project and Chris’ teachings can live on through our three-part Customer Loyalty Program.

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The program was launched properly 18 months before Chris passed away, it was something he was extremely proud of. We have since sold thousands of licenses across the world to both major organisations (such as Brenntag and Airbus) and medium sized businesses (Gulliver’s). Engagement and response has been incredible and we continue to support all users. Team leaders love the way they can monitor progress and Chris’ understated delivery has ensured the videos are captivating.

  • 3 Stage Online Program
  • Management Admin System
  • Full website & video production
  • Thousands of Licenses sold worldwide

Opus 4 Productions builds a unique partnership with consultants and companies looking to turn their training courses into digital success stories.

We have already completed six different programs in completely different fields working with consultants across the Globe. If you are interested in knowing more, get in touch with us today.

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