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Social Media

Managing and Delivering Engaging Social Media Content


Openhouse is an international manufacturer and supplier of textile products, as part of the full marketing experience we provide, we manage the social media output for all elements of the business. The challenge is to keep to the look and feel of the overall brand, whilst providing interesting content that builds worthwhile engagement and increases sales.


Each month we set out a social media plan for the UK and Aus sites, our posts across the platforms range from informative messages, personality based posts (comments from the teams, excerpts from our blogs) to sales driven posts (offers, new products, etc.). Keeping the integrity of the brand and language right is vitally important and building that brand identity has helped create engaging communities on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Thousands of people engage with Openhouse’s social posts weekly. Social activity plays a vital role in lead generation and sales. A large percentage of sales have come from individuals that have directly engaged via our social platforms

  • Social Plan & Strategy
  • Thousands of engagements weekly
  • Direct link with leads & sales
  • Brand consistency and integrity throughout

Opus 4 manages several organisations social profiles.

We pride ourselves on our thorough understanding of the tone required for each audience, this forms a major part of our planning and strategizing. If you would like to see further examples of our social media work or engage with us regarding social media, get in touch today.

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"Moving to Opus4 was the best decision we could have made."

Samantha Proctor, Director, Openhouse

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